Brownsburg Middle School Choir

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Thank you to all the families who participated in our fall Cookie Dough Fundraiser this year. Your support will help our choir program continue to succeed!

Orders will be delivered October 7 and October 8.

Student sellers will pick up their orders at their respective middle schools and deliver to customers on that date. Cash and gift card prizes students earned for selling 15 or more items will be distributed on the delivery date.

Cookie dough products are 2.7 lb packages that make 40 cookies. This shelf stable dough may be stored for up to 1 year frozen, 3 months refrigerated, or a few days up to 72 degrees. This product may be thawed and refrozen.


This site offers a TON of fun music games.  

Click on the "Quizzes/Games" tab, and you'll find dozens of games to play. 


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Mrs. Jamie Varvel

Director - BEMS

Mr. Dustin Podgorski

Director - BEMS

317-852-2386 x2382

Instagram: @bemschoir

Twitter: @bemschoir


Mrs. Teresa Fowler

Director - BWMS

317-852-3143 x2530

Instagram: @bwmschoir

Twitter: @bwmschoir