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Singing together in choir is SO FUN!

The video below gives us an idea of some famous people who were in their school choirs!

Brownsburg Middle School's Choirs perform music in a wide variety of styles, genres, and difficulty! Typically, 6th and 7th  graders perform 3 live concerts per year. 8th grade has the opportunity to perform a full staged musical with sets, props, and costumes!

Our voices include lots of tiny muscles that need to be stretched and warmed up before we practice singing together. Below, Mrs. Varvel shows us what a typical class Vocal Warm Up looks like...

Our Students Say...

"I used to hate my singing voice, but now I've grown to love it and Middle School Choir helped me!" - Hailey

"Middle school choir is way more fun than you might think. You get to learn about and sing new songs. That also includes songs in different languages! And you get a great teacher!" - Maria

"The environment is friendly" - John

"The songs we sing are very fun. We also get to learn a dance at the end of the year." - Katie

"You should join choir if you like to sing. We sing fun songs and get some time to talk with our friends. I 100% recommend joining choir!" - Sophia

"Choir is an easy way to sing and dance with your friends in school!" - Allie

"We have lots of laughs in choir!" - Emily

"The teachers are super nice and fun!" - Nyasa

"You don't have to be amazing in the start, you will learn and get there. You meet many friends as well." - Surashree

"Choir is a high energy environment. We improve as individuals and as a team. Have fun and focus on being good. It's an exhilarating 3 years!" - Riley


This site offers a TON of fun music games.  

Click on the "Quizzes/Games" tab, and you'll find dozens of games to play. 


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Mrs. Jamie Varvel

Director - BEMS

317-852-2386 x2382

Instagram: @bemschoir

Mr. Justin Stahl

Director - BEMS 7th grade

317-852-2386 x2382

Instagram: @bemschoir


Mrs. Teresa Fowler

Director - BWMS

317-852-3143 x2530

Instagram: @bwmschoir