Brownsburg Middle School Choir

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See below for Week 1 At-Home Learning Week of April 13-17

Option 1 - Show Choir

Check out BHS’ Top Show Choirs’ 2020 Shows! 

Starlight (Varsity Women’s Show Choir): BHS Starlight Voices 2020

Spotlight (Varsity Mixed Show Choir): BHS Spotlight Singers & Co 2020

Click here to let us to give your feedback on the shows.  Show Choir Feedback

Option 2  - Choral Singing & Vocal Health

Choose your favorite song (or two) from quarter 3.  Sing it with proper vocal technique.  (Use tall vowels, correct breath and posture, etc.)

Of course, you can sing it without accompaniment.  But, if you’d like to sing along with someone else, use the links, below.

If you’d like to send us a recording of yourself singing, use Remind, or click here: Video or photo upload - student response

Option 3 - Music Reading Skills

Master your music theory skills!  This week’s focus is ties/slurs with some “Chaos” sight singing and rhythms. 

Click here to watch and participate: S-Cubed Lesson 10

Option 4 - I Love Music!

Is there a song you’ve been listening to lately that means a lot to you? What line of lyrics from that song is important to you? Using the materials you have at home (markers, pencils, chalk, etc.), turn those lyrics into a piece of art. Start by writing the lyrics down – no inappropriate words please! – then illustrate it by adding colors and shapes that exemplify the meaning of the words.

 Example from Frozen 2: “Some things NEVER change” with drawings of clocks because time always ticks away and never stops.