Brownsburg Middle School Choir

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ALL 8th grade Choir students are a part of the musical.  CAST and CREW are audition/application only, and will require time outside of class.  CHORUS members will learn all songs/choreography during class.  CHORUS will have one after-school rehearsal during tech week (East 11/7, West 11/8) and two performances (East 11/10 7pm and 11/12 7pm.  West 11/11 7pm, and 11/12 3pm.)  CHORUS participation is required and graded.  CAST and CREW is optional, and will work closely with directors, choreographers, and coaches.  Athletes are encouraged to participate as Cast and Crew; all rehearsals are before school, except for tech week(final week before performances).  Tech week takes place between two athletic seasons, so no games will be missed due to rehearsals/performances.

8th grade's Shrek Jr production:  Nov. 10-12, 2022

We are so proud of you, 8th grade!  Thank you for working hard, and growing soooo much!